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Reports from Nashville at Matt DeHart’s sentencing

On Monday 22 February 2016, Courage beneficiary Matt DeHart was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison, per the plea agreement he was cornered into late last year. Now Revolution News’ Douglas Lucas, who was in attendance, and National Post’s Adrian Humphreys, who has covered Matt’s story for years, have published accounts of the sentencing.

Lucas first notes that it was Judge Aleta Trauger, who is “one of multiple judicial authorities who have expressed doubts about the case against him” and who previously released Matt on bond, who sentenced Matt to prison. Lucas writes that Matt looked “tired yet focused, and not unlike the youthful gamer he was when his ordeal started in his early twenties.”

After recounting Matt’s telling of his story, Lucas reports that the alleged victims’ parents and a detective read impact statements contesting Matt’s account for the prosecution. Matt then declined to deliver an allocution statement.

Matt’s mother Leann DeHart told Lucas that supporting Matt was “the right thing to do. Even though the outcome in my opinion was totally unfair, it could have been a lot worse if we hadn’t stood up for him.” Matt’s father Paul told Humphreys, “We are relieved to have closure…We pray for Matt’s continuing protection. We are thankful for friends, family, and so many in the public who follow our case to keep those in power honest.”

Before Monday’s hearing, Matt provided a statement to the National Post, as Humphreys reports:

In light of the disappearance of nearly all exculpatory evidence in my case, including the Kangaroo Defender Elite encrypted thumb drive I brought with me to Canada, as well as the seizure or deletion of numerous email and social media accounts, my defence was completely emasculated.

Indeed, Lucas reports that Matt’s attorney, Tor Ekeland, said after the hearing, “We will take steps to retrieve Mr. DeHart’s property that was not in the asset forfeiture order.”

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