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Leann and Paul DeHart to cross US/Canada border tomorrow, 1 April, 10am EDT

Tomorrow morning, Leann and Paul DeHart, parents of imprisoned Anonymous activist and alleged WikiLeaks courier Matt DeHart, will cross the border from Canada into the United States at Fort Erie, ON. They will gather with Matt’s supporters at 10am EDT before meeting with the Canadian Border Services Agency at 10:30am.

Leann and Paul have been forced to leave Canada after a failed bid for protection under the UN Convention Against Torture. The DeHarts initially scheduled their crossing for noon but moved it up, as US officials have asked to meet with them at the border.

With Paul having already been forced to give testimony to a secret grand jury in Washington DC regarding possible espionage charges, Matt’s parents are concerned that the actions they took to protect their son may have put them in legal jeopardy too.

Matt, the Courage Foundation’s third beneficiary and a former US Air National Guard drone team member, was deported from Canada to the US on 1 March 2015, after being denied political asylum. Matt had sought refuge in Canada after he was tortured by the FBI during interrogation. The FBI’s own report confirms that US agents questioned him over an “espionage matter.” The FBI asked him about his unit, Anonymous, and WikiLeaks, yet they subsequently presented him with charges related to accusations of teenage pornography. Canadian officials said that the teen porn allegations have “no credible and trustworthy evidence” but deported him regardless, and Matt will be arraigned on Tuesday, 2 April, in Tennessee.

Once we confirm their safety, Matt’s parents, who have been financially ruined and had their lives torn apart by the US government, will be available to speak to the media about what they’ve gone through.

Matt is already incurring substantial legal costs which will continue to rise over the course of his trial, and he urgently needs supporters’ help — donate here.

We will be posting updates on Matt’s case and conditions as well as Leann and Paul’s status upon their return to the United States. Follow @FreeMattDeHart for live updates on their trip.

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